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Stamp your pictures with EXIF data

EXIF information is some special data that digital cameras store on every picture they take, such as camera model, date and time, time of exposure and other more technical details. Tools like Jpeg Exif Stamper take advantage of this information and use it to create watermarks on images.

The program is mainly intended to work with many files simultaneously, which may be the reason why we found it particularly uncomfortable to edit just one single picture. The interface is not very intuitive and when minimized, it doesn't appear on the taskbar, which makes it even more complicated.

In all, watermarks can be added in a fast and easy way when working with many files at the same time. Too bad you can only include date and time.

Jpeg Exif Stamper is a free utility with beautiful results and an attractive interface. Just set location of Date/Time stamp by mouse. Drag files & click Start, all the dropped files will be punched with beautiful date/time watermarks.

Exchangeable Image Fileformat used by most digital cameras. For example, when a typical camera is set to record a JPEG, it’s actually recording an EXIF file that uses JPEG compression to compress the photo data.

Jpeg Exif Stamper can embed the Date/Time watermark on any image shot by any digital camera.Jpeg Exif Stamper takes its input from the embedded Exif data of a Jpeg image file and put water mark on image as per the date/time format selected.


  • Allows to stamp many pictures simultaneously


  • Difficult to use
  • Only includes date and time


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Jpeg Exif Stamper


Jpeg Exif Stamper 1.0 for PC


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